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Snapshots // October 2015...

1. Most of our mornings don't look like this. Usually someone is crying, hungry, still sleepy.... usually me!
2. The cute old style buildings of Newcastle. We finally made a day trip up the coast to the Hunt & Gather Markets. Well worth it.
3. Axel and I enjoying my new birthday present. Bit of bike-cam on a stunning spring day by the water, we stopped to watch the diggers fixing the storm damage. 
4. We now have a two year old in the house. Nothing terrible about it ;) well maybe the toilet training...I forgot how messy it can be. Any tips please let me know.  
5. Biggest smile when you can finally ride your own bike at the skate park with dad. 
6. Perfect spring beach days. This Little Tienda dress is just gorgeous! and I seriously want one. Handmade and hand embroidered, it's just perfect for hot Aussie summer days. (model Patchwork Cactus)
7. One thing I learnt this month....Did you know this flower is called 'Pigface'? seriously....Terrible name for such a pretty flower.
8. I ran out of merino roving. So I fixed that problem, now I think I own at least half a sheep. Check out the colours.
9. My latest pink sparkly creations. You might have already seen this weave on my Instagram or Facebook
10. Ever been to Gerringong? I have twice... first time well it wasn't so nice. My little lady was only two at the time and we went down for a weekend get away. She ended up getting sick, vomit and all. So think we were there a whole 12 hours before we headed back home. THIS time so much nicer. The place is stunning. I went on a day road trip to pick up supplies for my upcoming weaving workshop. If you like rolling green hills, farms overlooking the ocean then you need to visit. I really want to try for that weekend away again. 

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  1. Eeek! Toilet training! We're going to give that a whirl soon. Good luck!!
    We got married down near Gerringong- such a beautiful part of the world.
    Such gorgeous pics, Bec- can't wait to see what magic is created at your workshop xx

    1. Oh wow your wedding would have been spectacular being down that way. Actually your profile pic is that your wedding day? Awesome pic by the way! Thanks for support re workshop xx

  2. Beautiful photos as always Bec. I haven't heard of Gerringong but it's on my to-visit list now! As for toilet training, I'm currently in the trenches with Mr TT. Jelly beans are working as good bribery tools!

    1. Yes Jelly beans! I had forgotten the old way of bribery :D whenever you come over this side of the country be sure to let me know xx

  3. LMAO at Pigface... now HOW did someone come up with that for a name for something so gorgeous. xx


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