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Add Some Sparkle To That Boring Butter Cake...

Awesome weekend everyone? My weekends are pretty short around here only because Saturday is the day that I go off to work, so I don't have a lot of time to spare. This weekend we went off to Sydney to celebrate my baby brother turning 18, Yep! the grand old age of 18 (remember those days?!)

At his request I was asked to make a birthday cake, no worries but he's a bit of a "plain jane" and only likes 'butter cake'. So I gave it a little thought and put this little beauty together.

You will need:

2 x Butter cakes - Store bought or homemade. I went for homemade and just used a recipe with sour cream in it to help keep it moist. I made one Friday and the other Saturday night. Then put it altogether Sunday morning.

One tub of frosting - I used 'Betty Crocker ready-to-use Vanilla frosting'.(Remember I did say I was short on spare time!) Or you could make some butter cream.


For the Ganache;
One block of Cadbury Milk Cooking Chocolate -  broken up into single pieces
1/4 cup cream

Order some mini donuts from Donut King

The 'How to':

Take your two cakes (make sure they are at room temperature). Cut the tops off to make them completely flat. Add a small amount of frosting to the top of one cake and spread it around, now turn the other cake upside down and place on top of the other (I turn it upside down so the perfectly flat side of the cake is now on the top). Now you can completely frost the cake on the top and sides, just be careful not to get a heap of crumbs through the frosting and make it as smooth as possible. 

Once fully iced you can add the sprinkles to the side of the cake. This is probably the most difficult part and a two man job, as you will have to lean the cake to the side to get the sprinkles on. Unless you can work out a better way, then please let us all know :) It's also pretty messy so I suggest doing this step outside.

Now your cake is iced with sprinkles, it's time to make the chocolate ganache. Place the milk chocolate and cream in a large bowl over the top of a boiling pot of water. Allow chocolate to melt and combine with cream until smooth. (Stirring constantly to avoid lumps). Allow to cool for 5minutes then slowly pour the ganache directly over the cake. Do it slowly, allowing just enough to drizzle over the edges of the cake. Use as much ganache mixture as you like. This amount made plenty, it's up to you to decide how much drizzle is enough. Set the cake aside in the fridge for a good 30 minutes to help the ganache set.

Finally,  decorate with the mini donuts and that's it your done! Enjoy.

This is my now NOT so little baby brother..... Picture on left 8 years ago, picture on right 30th August 2015.

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  1. So awesome! And super cute pictures of you two!

  2. This is an amazing cake! I love the sprinkles and the piles of doughnuts on top - yum! Happy 18th birthday to your not-so-little brother!

    1. Thanks Amy! It did taste pretty amazing (if I do say so myself ;).

  3. This is the BEST cake I've ever seen! Your brother is VERY lucky x

    1. The BEST haha you're a cake making queen yourself. Thanks Lauren xx

  4. OMG how awesomely easy is this!!!!!! I need to send this recipe to all of my friends who hate cooking! Thanks for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party xx

    1. Anytime! thanks for having me. Yes sometimes we need to cut corners ;) xx


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