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Happy Father's Day // Handmade and Locally Made...

Hello there,

I hope your day is treating you well. 

Today saw me get into a slight panic about 'What on earth I'm going to get my father and my babies daddy, for Father's Day!'. Although I still haven't quite worked this one out, it did make me hunt around for some local handmade items. My search unveiled some of the most marvellous cards and prints. So I've gathered a few together for you...check them out at the links below.

1. 'ROARsome Bamboo Wood Card' - $14.95 from The Little Card Boutique
2. 'New Dad Card' - $5.45 from Able and Game
3. 'Father's Day Fist Pump Card' - $4.99 from Beccy Kitty Designs
4. 'Father's Day Super Hero Custom Portrait' - $70.00 from The British Rule
5. 'Custom Father's Day Cards' - $10.00 from muska & elvis
6. 'Funny Father's Day Cards' - $4.50 from Sammie English Art

Keep in mind these are all local and handmade cards/prints. Many can be customised to the wording of your choice, be it for Dad, Pop or Granddad. This is just a taste of what these lovely makers have to offer. 

Right, that's cool card found, now what to put with it..... lotto tickets maybe!? You never know ....

Oh and spoiler alert... If you pop back in a day or two, one of these makers has created an exclusive FREE Father's Day printable for all PMB readers :)

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  1. Oh I love unique cards like these!! Awesome collection.

    1. So great aren't they! I love being able to get cards like these and get them customised to add a personal touch x

  2. Awesome selections Bec (and yay for a free printable - I'll be back!). I'm such a fan of The British Rule - she does amazing illustrations.

    1. Thanks Tash! Don't you just love her personalised portraits! I want it see my head as a illustration one day :)

  3. Thanks for reminding me to buy my dad something!
    I was patting myself on the back for being all organised on the Husband front, but had forgotten about my other main man. Whooooops.
    I love me a free printable!

    1. No worries, the hubby is always the easiest one. I find it really hard to get my dad something! Free Printable will be up later today :) xx

  4. I am loving that bamboo card, totally 'roarsome'!!!

  5. That Roarsome card is so freaking cool! I love a card that is a little bit different to the norm, something that makes you want to hang on to it forever xx


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