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Get Out Of Town...

Cough Cough Cough.... Argh don't you just LOVE winter! And all the awesome winter colds, Yeh me either! 

Hey, I'm sorry for my lack of blogging at the moment but as you might have gathered I've been sick and now Again! with the common cold thanks to my lovely children sharing with me. I promise I'll be back up and running with new fabulous posts for you all shortly. In the meantime you'll catch me snuggling under a blanket, hot cup of tea in hand, lazing on my lounge watching mindless television.... actually the third season of 'Orange Is The New Black' has just been released on Netflix so that will keep me plenty entertained.

These happy snaps are of our family trip up to sunny Queensland to visit some family last week, it was great to just get out of town for a few days. We took a few road trips, went to Surfers Paradise enjoyed an ice cream on the main beach and headed down to Brunswick Heads for a market day too. We took the kids to an amazing indoor rock climbing place, Alba was a little scared at first but by the end of the session she was literally climbing the walls with her cousins. I think if you were to ask the little guy what his favourite part of the trip was he'd probably start pointing to the sky, saying Plane! Plane!... or about his new bestie his Aunty's cat, which we all wanted to bring home with us. 

Have you been on holidays recently? or going away somewhere?

Enjoy the weekend my loves.

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  1. Perfect! Lucky you weren't here the last few days, its been nothing but rain and wind - winter has finally hit us I think!! Congrats on the Kidspot Top 100 - wowsers how exciting xx

  2. Ooh I'm such a goof! I should have messaged you while I was up there, we could have finally meet face to face! Thanks Hun AND Congratulations to you too!! it's all So exciting! xx

  3. Time away is always so rejuvenating, glad the sun shone for you. I'm off to watch another OINB episode tonight.

    1. How good is OINB. Actually how good is Netflix!!! :) x

  4. I havent been on a holiday since I went to Dubai in December and I would so love a break with the family. So happy the sun was shining for you hun and a HUGE congrats re the Kidspot success - so happy for you xx

    1. Gosh a holiday is well over due by the sounds of it Sonia. Thanks hun, I'm totally stoked about it :) xx


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