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The Handmade Series // A Morning With A Candle Maker - Introducing Seaside Candle Co...

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Hi Everyone, Welcome back to the third edition of 'The Handmade Series'. If you have missed the past few you can read up on them here (Part One - Greta's Handcraft 'What's In The Basket' and Part Two - How To Knit A Blanket). 

This month I thought it might be nice to take a different direction from knitting and crochet. I wanted to introduce a new local creative person to you all. Her name is Cassandra, the owner and creator of Seaside Candle Co. Based on the NSW Central Coast and working from her own home, Cass hand pours every one of her deliciously scented Soy Candles. Cass was kind enough to let me hang out with her one morning to watch and learn how she creates her wonderful candles, something I have always wanted to learn. While her candles are fairly small, they certainly pack a punch. Their beautiful aromas fill every room of your house.  

Below are photos of the making process and a few questions that Cass was kind enough to answer about herself and her new business. This edition of 'The Handmade Series' is in two parts. Be sure to click over and check out the tutorial post on How To Clean And Upcycle Your Candle Jars

Ten words to describe yourself?
Neat freak, kind hearted, funny, reliable, bubbly, hard working, mother

What or who inspired you to get into candle making?
My husband, for my birthday he gave me a candle making kit. It was something I had always thought about doing for myself as I have always had a love for soy candles. It wasn't until I started making them that I decided to start my small business.

Out of your range what would be your favourite and the most popular?
My favourites are forever changing at the moment it's Black Raspberry Sugar. Our most popular scent's would be Vanilla and Coconut and Lime.

How long have you been creating and what is a typical creative day like?
I started in September 2014. A typical day in Seaside Candle Co is busy! With an almost 1 year old and working at my day job 3 days a week it means when I am creating its an all day process. Sterlising glass jars, measuring out waxes and fragrances, melting wax, pouring wax and then repeat! Once the candles have set overnight it just leaves the finishing touches wick trimming, putting business and warning labels on and packing up orders!

Looking to the future what are your dreams for your business?

The reason I started the business was to make luxury soy candles affordable to everyone. I hope that in the future people will still love the candles and appreciate the love I put into making them.

Words of wisdom for anyone starting their own business?
Trust yourself. If you're providing a good product or service the rest will come. Go for it!

It's your day off... what will you do?
Spend time with my husband and daughter. Generally involves a coffee stop somewhere and a play in the park.

Five things you're loving at the moment?
1st Birthday party planning, watching my daughter grow everyday, online shopping, easter eggs and my work/life balance.

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  1. I can practically smell them through the photos. How gorgeous! Making candles is one of my fave things to do in winter. I love Cass's jars and labels - just gorgeous. What a beautiful series hun xx

    1. Would be cool if you could do scratch n sniff through the computer haha. Thanks Sonia, I'm really enjoying putting this series together.xx

  2. I love the classic look of these candles - they are so unassuming they would suit any room in the house. I love the sound of Black Raspberry Sugar - yummo!

  3. Me oh my what packaging. They must smell amazing. I love making candles x

  4. Oh my these look delicious! I adore the label and logo, so wonderful to see Mums doing what they love and juggling it all! :) x

    1. It really is wonderful to see, to see that it is possible. Really yummy smelling candles, I can't get enough. x


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