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Putting Your Used Candle Jars To Good Use // How To Clean And Upcycle Your Candle Jars....

Sometimes when you buy yourself a new candle, it's not just for the exquisite aroma but for the beautiful and quality jar it comes in. After the candle has been lit and the wax has melted away, it almost feels like such a waste and a shame to just toss it away. Well if you follow these simple steps below, you'll see just how easy it is to clean up your used candle jars and a few ideas on what to use them for after.

It really is too easy (you might want to kick yourself after! haha I know I did!) I asked my friend Cass how I could clean up her gorgeous little candle jars. If you wanted to meet and see Cass at work for yourself please go to my recent post The Handmade Series // A Day With A Candle Maker. 

Cleaning Your Jars You Will Need..
  • Used Candle Jar
  • Butter Knife
  • Boiling Hot Water
  • Clean Tea Towel

Step One
Using a butter knife carefully cut through the remaining wax making a cross shape. Then cut around the outside rim of wax. Now scrape and loosen the wax away from the jar. 

Step Two
Remove and discard all wax.

Step Three
Fill jars with boiling hot water. Allow to stand for a good 10-15 minutes, to allow remaining wax to melt.

Step Four
Carefully (as jar will be hot!) discard all of the hot water. I chose to pour it out in the garden (DO NOT pour it down your sink as it will stick).

Step Five
Using a butter knife carefully pick underneath the wick, it should come away fairly easily. 

Step Six
Give your jars a warm wash in the sink and then towel dry. They are now ready to upcycle. Scroll down for ten ideas on upcycling your nice clean jars. 

10 Ways To Upcycle Your Candle Jars....
  1. Pot a little succulent plant 
  2. Cosmetics holder
  3. Lolly jar
  4. Swear jar
  5. Pen holder
  6. Tea/Coffee/Sugar jars
  7. Vase for little bunch of flowers
  8. Cotton Wool / Earbud holder
  9. Buttons and beads 
  10. Hair accessories 
The possibilities are endless really, just up to your imagination. xox Bec

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  1. Gorgeous. You had me at upcycle and then you painted it gold and left me in heaven. Thank you for the lovely ideas x

  2. Beautiful ideas! It really is hard to throw away the lovely jars, isn't it?

    1. So hard! they can come in such fabulous jars! x

  3. Some lovely ideas here Bec! Candles are so much fancier these days - it seems such a waste to not upcycle the jars. I even saw a pineapple shaped candle jar the other day! The jelly beans wouldn't last long in our house (need a lock and key for that jar) :)

    1. A pineapple jar is next on my list! Thanks hun. Lol I've filled it up twice since :) x

  4. I've tried the knife method and broken stuff before lol. I find the easiest way to remove wax from glass containers is to pop them in the freezer for a little while, then press on the wax with your fingers to twist it a bit, and it should come loose as one solid piece :) but then you would have to leave it to come to room temp before the boiling water step. Thanks for a lovely post.

    1. Oh ok that sounds like a neat trick! I will have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing x

  5. Great post, useful tips for recycling jar candles. I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Scented Mason Jar Candles


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