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When A Baby Becomes A Boy...

Well I finally did it, yesterday we visited the hairdresser and it was there that my baby turned into a little boy. With a quick snip of the scissiors.... gone was that shabby, sometimes curly, beachy blonde baby. 

Actually it's wasn't a sad thing for me, it was kinda sweet and fun, for the both of us but for different reasons. Axel was blissfully unaware of the significance of the big event in his life that was taking place as he happily chatted up the  hairdressers (the ladies man that he is!). 

On the other hand I was asking if they could please save me some of his long locks for his baby book to remember the moment. A book that is in bad need of some updating (slack mother over here!).

He kissed good bye the baby in the mirror, then happily sat back while the hairdresser did her thing!

There are only so many First's in a childs life. As a parent you want to celebrate and remember every one of them. 

What are some of the FIRSTs that your child is going through at the moment? 

Are you doing anything special to remember these moments? 


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  1. Ohhhh bless - that little flick at the top is ultra cool too. Hmmm firsts for us... my middle so just started surfing and my youngest son just had his first sleep over... does that count? xx

  2. Your little man is adorable Bec! I'm finding that Mr TT's hair is growing so quickly he has become a regular visitor to Nick the barber every 2 months (Nick has a TV that he turns on to ABC4Kids so it's a popular place). Enjoy these moments - they grow up so quickly!

    1. Oh they do grow so quickly, 2nd one more so! A TV at the hairdressers 'Genius' !!

  3. When Punky was about a year old her Dad cut her fringe in the bath one night when I was out. I wasn't too impressed as it was the bluntest, thickest fringe you could imagine! He did it a few more times before I banned him from going near her with a pair of scissors! Since then she hasn't had her hair touched, never had a proper haircut and she is almost 3! I just love her hair too much to cut it. It's beautiful. But at the same time, it is getting really long now (it's probably only an inch and a half from her hips now so perhaps for her 4th birthday I might think about it! Lol!

    We did actually trim Zee's fringe a couple of days ago, first "hair cut" for her. Her hair grows really weird and she has this long bit at the front which curls directly in to her eye so we had to do something about it. It's amazing the difference it's made, has made her hair look almost normal! I think she may be getting a hair cut much sooner than her big sister if it continues it's wayward ways!

    1. Wow thats a brave move for Dad to cut her hair! Yeh I was the same with Alba's first haircut, was much later than Axel. But then again girls can get away with the mullet look better than a boy lol :)


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