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Indoor Entertainment - with Kids On A Rainy Day....

It has been a rather wet week, which has meant a lot of inside play time for us.  The end of the school holidays, and a bit of rainy weather means entertainment ideas outside of the house for my little ones is pretty minimal. For those of you with kids at home you will appreciate that after one full day at home the kids can start climbing the walls.
So, I thought it might be a bit of fun to invite some friends around and let the kids decorate some cupcakes. If the Mums could fit in a hot cuppa and chat at the same time it would be a win-win situation. With Alba's help and a relatively effortless attempt on my behalf, (meaning I used a packet mix.....shh!) we whipped up some fluffy vanilla cupcakes. Twenty minutes later..12 yummy cupcakes ready to go! 

Now the decorating. I set up the dining table with all sorts of fun decorations, 100’s & 1000’s, confetti sprinkles, marshmallows, smarties just to name a few. Recently during a night of my religious viewing of 'Better Homes and Gardens' (yep the one show every Friday night which is considered 'Mum’s tv time' in this house) I saw a recipe for real fruit icing and I thought this would be perfect and something the kids could make themselves. 

So after setting everything out in cute little bowls and the kids mixing up the icing, the three older girls got straight in to it with so much excitement and enthusiasm. Us Mums just sat back and let them have fun, explore and create. It was a total success. Even the little guys got in there at the end and had a go... well truth be told, they probably just ate the smarties and marshmallows.

In the end it was Messy as hell! But hey, that’s the price you pay sometimes for the ultimate fun prize! The kids loved every part of it and we achieved that hot cuppa and a mostly uninterrupted chat. So next time the weather is a little shabby, invite some friends over for some cupcake decorating fun :)


ps. Jump on over to patchwork cactus and check out Bab's great 'A mid-week Toy Party - Keeping sane with young kids at home'.... it's a fabulous idea, you will love it.

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  1. Must have been such fun 🎉🎉👏👏👏

  2. Hahaha, I was hoping you would find the pic of you cleaning! Thanks for the fun xoxo

  3. Beautiful pics as always Bec! I was thinking looking at the first few photos that everything was looking too clean. Love the pic of you tidying up. The kids did really well and kudos to them for not just diving head first into the lollies (that's what my Mr TT would have done - think he needs another year!). I'll have to set one of these sessions up for winter time - any excuse for a cuppa with friends!

    1. haha yep very messy in the end, and had to vacuum quickly before 100s&1000s got spread throughout the house. Its a fab excuse :)

  4. What fab fun for the kids. I could imagine more going in the mouth than on the cupcakes! It would be the same at my place! I just bought some patty pans, and this would be a great way for Izzy to decorate her own school lunch box snacks. Great for birthday parties too :)

  5. This is a brilliant rainy day activity (or any day for that matter!!!). Yum!!!

  6. Such a cool idea. I know Punky had heaps of fun decorating her birthday cake last year, this takes it to a whole other level!


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