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Ain't that the truth. Sometimes it's best to clear the diary and just go with it. This weekend was one of those weekends, where the hubby and I just went with it and let the two days just unroll in front of us. It was a lovely weekend and a nice opportunity to spend some quality time together and with only our son, as Alba was off for an epic weekend at the grandparents, for a sleepover with her 4 big cousins (seriously how great are grandparents... you ALL rock ).  
So it turns out that Axel is quite the chatterbox for a one year old, oh and the biggest flirt too. We hit a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night where Axel wormed his way into the heart of every lady he made  eye contact with, to the point I think he made his father blush. It was a fun night and not at all where we had planned to end up eating. It was lovely to have the one on one time with our son and really see his little personality come out. 
So what other unplanned things happened.... Oh yes a 9am sleep-in! yep 9AM! pretty unheard of around here these days.
Which brings me to Sunday....

We started out just thinking we would take a short walk into town, but ended up at the beach. We are lucky to live close to the beach. The whole day left me thinking one word all afternoon......... Grateful! for so many reasons and for so many things. 
So thank you weekend. 

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  1. I am grateful we live near the coast too. I can't imagine not living close to the sea. I am totally wishing for a 9 am sleep in. I am not at all envious... and I am a big fat liar!

    1. Sleep ins are gold hey! Only been living by the water for 3 years and I would never move back to the city.

  2. What gorgeous photos! I love weekends where it can just unfold naturally with no plans or expectations - sounds like you all had a blast x

  3. What absolutely gorgeous photos Bec. There is no place like the beach to waste away a day is there. Perfection xx


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