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Summer In Style....

So who else is looking forward to Summer? Well I'm a little half-hearted about it. One half of me hates the extreme heat we experience here in Australia but the other half loves that it means more time outside, at the beach, and wearing light or "barely-there" clothing. 

I've been searching around for some essential summer styles. Things that I could use countless times, things that are just classic pieces really. 

Here's what I found....

1/   Tigerlily - Halter One Piece ~ A timeless (retro inspired) black one piece cozi. Can't go wrong I say! And for us mums out there who may need to cover a little of our own tiger stripes this is purr-fect! 

2/   Sportsgirl - Loose Tank ~ Crisp ocean blue tank. This colour is just Hot! I can't get enough, and it  goes with pretty much anything shorts, pants, skirts. Dress it up or dress it down. 

3/  The Beach People 'Roundie' Towel ~ Seriously hard to pick a favourite, this one is the 'The Majorette'. Make …

Flashbacks 5 Years Back....

It was our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday. I can't believe it has been 5 years already. Actually what I can't believe is that we have actually been together for 13 years, since I was 18.  Time has flown past & not with out turbulence sometimes, but now we have two kids and have purchased our first house together.

Yesterday was giving me flashbacks.... Life before kids, getting engaged, our wedding, being pregnant for the first time, births, making big decisions and the "what if we did any of it any differently". So of course I did the lets take a trip down memory lane and look back at some old photos.

Those crazy little trips together - This was in Cairns. Where I ended up on a brochure for some guys fishing tour company... True story! I believe his words were, and say this with a Chinese accent "You pretty lady! I put you on brochure!" haha. Below is the picture, so next time your in Cairns.....

Our first fur-baby 'Jake'. We had him the leng…

42/52 Weeks Of Portraits

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014 Inspired by The 52 Project

Axel ~ With his big sister at preschool, Thursday's are our days together. Sometimes I really wonder what he's thinking.
Alba ~ This girl has real passion when she sings, and my gosh can she reach those high notes. Today we had a little sing-a-long at home to pass the time. One guess what movie she's singing along with.....? 

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Around Here....

Ain't that the truth. Sometimes it's best to clear the diary and just go with it. This weekend was one of those weekends, where the hubby and I just went with it and let the two days just unroll in front of us. It was a lovely weekend and a nice opportunity to spend some quality time together and with only our son, as Alba was off for an epic weekend at the grandparents, for a sleepover with her 4 big cousins (seriously how great are grandparents... you ALL rock ).   So it turns out that Axel is quite the chatterbox for a one year old, oh and the biggest flirt too. We hit a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night where Axel wormed his way into the heart of every lady he made  eye contact with, to the point I think he made his father blush. It was a fun night and not at all where we had planned to end up eating. It was lovely to have the one on one time with our son and really see his little personality come out.  So what other unplanned things happened.... Oh yes a 9am sleep-in! ye…

Bonds - Wordless Wednesday

Linking up with Trish from 'My Little Drummer Boys' Wordless Wednesday

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41/52 Weeks of Portraits

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014  (I'm a little behind on this but hey, better late then never!)
Inspired by The 52 Project

Alba ~ A week of scratches.... From her knees to even her nose. But I guess that's what childhood is all about. Getting dirty! Scratches on your knees! Main thing is she's had a lot of fun doing it.

Axel ~ The Sand-Man! Loves to play in it, eat it and bring a truck load home with him.


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DIY Create Your Own Envelopes....

Throw away the boring and get creative I say. If you're having a birthday, baby shower, naming day, whatever the occasion. Send out your invitations in a way that says "Hey, you really want to open this letter and attend'.

I saw this idea a few years back and it made me realise I never have to send an invite in a boring blank envelope ever again. So simple and cost effective. This would be perfect for your christmas cards too.

All you need are the following;

1. An old book (to suite the theme of your event). If you are doing a kids party like I did, just go search your local op shop, I picked up this book for 50c.
2. A envelope, the size you need
3. Scissors
4. Sticky tape
5. Stickers to decorate, head to a $2 shop
6. Blank white stickers (to write addresses on) or whatever works for you. I have in the past used paper doilies.
7. A pen

First carefully unfold an envelope to use as your template. I also used a little tape to make the edges stronger. Pull apart the book you&…

A Monster 1st Birthday Party....

And just like that he's ONE!..... a whole year gone, and my how he has grown. Too quick for my liking, the baby has grown up and is now a toddler. 
Already walking, soon he'll be running. But he'll always be my baby boy.

To celebrate such a massive birthday we had a party for our little man over the weekend. Family, friends and even the weather turned up for him.  A beautiful (hot) spring day, with great food. He had such a wonderful day, despite being a little unwell, he was all smiles and the super happy, fun little guy that everyone knows and loves.

A Hairy Monster Cake - not a bad effort for my first real piping and butter cream icing attempt Inspiration for this cake from

 He knows how to party hard this one!
A little moment captured with Great Grandma

A special thank you to everyone who came to help celebrate our special little mans first year 

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The PARTY week.....

This week has been all about partying.... kids parties that is, in particular 1st birthdays.  With my little man Axel turning one in a weeks time we have been baking, making & picking out the perfect outfits to wear for his party. I'm not usually one for themes or dress up parties myself but for kids you kinda just have to do it! And I couldn't just settle for one, so he's party will be a mix.... A onesie! and monsters party! now when I say 'onesie' I don't mean you have to wear your PJ's, use your imagination. Im very excited to celebrate his first birthday and can't believe its almost here.

Here is a little peak at the week that was for us......

With this upcoming party I decided to throw a bit of homemade into the lolly-bags, and went with Chocolate Freckles. Lets face it who doesn't like Chocolate Freckles. And whats even better they are so simple & quick to make. All you need is Chocolate melts, cookie cuter's, a little cooking oil …