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A new chapter.....

So the other weekend I turned 31, and seeing as I was rediculously pregnant for my 30th birthday and wasn't willing to sit at a party for myself uncomfortable and unable to get loose and really enjoy myself. This year I decided to have a little backyard party.  It was a fabulous day with great food, family and friends, even a fire-pit! My beautiful friend Babs (catch her blog made me the prettiest cake I'd ever seen, and it tasted as good as it looked. 

Turning 31 I told myself I needed to find something to do that was just for me, so with some... ok a lot of encouragement I'v started this little blog. My creative little bubble, a place to share my loves of baking, parenting, fashion, photography, DIY and just everyday life and the beautiful moments around me.

First post down... yay!highs 5 to myself. I hope you keep checking in and follow my little journey, and get inspired....Thanks for stopping by. 


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